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Farmer's Fun Fields

Farmers Fun Fields:

Come for a quick visit and spend the entire day! Enjoy lots of outside family activities, games, picnic areas, and animals to pet! Gain access to the Farmer's Fun Fields, which includes a 10 Hole Orchard Mini-Golf, a Rope Maze, a Cedar Maze, Sand Mountain, Tire Tower, Animal Petting Areas, Indoor and Outdoor Picnic areas and more!!!!!!

Day Pass $8 + taxes per person

Family Day Pass $25/group of 5

10 Hole Orchard Mini-Golf

Walk along a 1/4 km trail through the orchard while you play the 10 Hole Orchard Mini-Golf. Enjoy some privacy and the shade as you play in the orchard and the breeze of the Beaver Valley. Aim through pigs, under cows and around the chickens! A hole in one is a lot more difficult when there are animals on the course!

Rope Maze

Pick a rope from 5 colours, strap yourself in and begin! Weave, climb over and under, twist and turn upside down and right side up through the webbed ropes! The first person who makes their way from post to post to post and returns to their starting point is declared the winner! This new hit only took staff 45 minutes the first time we tried to get through the rope maze; we are still trying to beat our record! Can you?

Cedar Hedge Maze

Get lost in the cedar maze! The trees were planted in 2011 and have been growing like crazy ever since! Find your way in one side right through to the exit at the other! Come to a dead end? Well I guess you have to turn around and try again!

Sand Mountain

Run up one side and down the other! Play in the extra large tubes that have or on the life size John Deere Tractor! Enjoy toys and shovels or just dig your way through! A great way for the little ones to spend hours while getting just a little dirty and getting lots of fresh farm air!

Calf Lasso

Come and sit on our calm and steady pony while you swing your hips and swing that rope while you GET READY, AIM, LASSO! Don't worry; you won't hurt any of our animals or you, so practice away!

Wildlife Interactive Center

Take a stroll through the Wildlife Interactive Center and enjoy sights, sounds and textures of both live and taxidermy animals that form part of Ontario Wildlife! Enjoy snakes, turtles, bears, coyotes and more! See if the animals are what you were expecting! Think you know the animal skulls and bones? Try our bone identification game with real skulls and skeletons!

Animal Petting Areas

Bunnies, goats and sheep! Come and visit the vast array of animals that we have here at the farm! Enter the pens with some, see day old chicks, baby bunnies and visit your favorite donkeys! They love and are allowed green grass and dandelion leaves, but no apples or carrots please! Remember when you're feeding to keep your hands flat!

Get snuggled, licked and loved while you make your best friend! We are always adding to our family of animals and encourage you to return and have a visit!

The Rules

A few rules apply for when you are visiting our animals, we ask that you: only feed them grass or dandelion leaves, you do not climb on fences or tress in or around the pens, and that you do not run or chase our animals! Other than that you are welcome to enjoy, feed and pet them as much as you would like!

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What's New and Exciting

We are now closed for the season.  Thank you to everyone who came out this year!!! Wow what a fun first year!!!! Thank you everyone for helping to make it so great!!!!  See you next year!!!

Our U-pick orchards are now closed for the season.  The store is still open until November 1 everyday from 10-5pm.  

We are under new management!!!

We are so excited to be the new owners of The Farmers Pantry.  We are continuing with the great activities, products and fun that you know and love.  We might add a few new things too.  Please stop by and say Hello.  We would love to hear about your favourite things to do when you visit The Farmers Pantry.  

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