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Pick Your Own Apple Varieties: (also available in the fruit market)

Paula Red - Planted in 2012 should be ready for pick your own by 2015
Ginger Gold - The Ginger Gold is a great early eating apple with a mild taste but tart to finish, it is excellent in pies.

Planted in 2012 should be ready for pick your own by 2015

Cortland ~ Empire ~ Macintosh ~ Spartan ~ Ida Red ~ Northern Spy

Varieties available in the fruit market only:

Early Gold ~ Jersey Mac ~ Golden Russets ~ Honey Crisp ~ Royal Gala ~ Ambrosia ~ Golden Delicious ~ Red Delicious ~ Silken


Come in and visit in July for Pick Your Own and Pre-Picked Raspberries! We have several varieties, including common Red Raspberries, Kiwi Yellow and Ever-Bloom! Availability changes based on the season and the day, so make sure you contact us prior to your visit to get a complete list of what is available! Call ahead to see if they are ready or check for our up-dates on facebook.


Walk out to the pumpkin patch where you get to pick your own pumpkin! Big, small, round and tall we've got them all! Bring the family out for a great day while you pick the best pumpkin for carving, eating, or just decorating!

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We are closed for the season, reopening July 1st weekend 2017
Thank you to all our familys that shared their time with us!
Have a safe and wonderful winter and spring!

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